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Astec provides a complete product line for the industries listed below.  In addition, Astec can manufacture your product, formulate a new one for you, formulate a match to your competitors product, and provide private labeling.  Click on one of the product headings below for a full list of products available.

Auto Detailing Products

Astec manufacturers a complete line of high performance, products for auto detailing and restoration.  
Car Wash Industry

We are a regional supplier for touchless, tunnel, and self-serve car washes with a complete line of high quality products. Our product "Positively Dry" has the reputation of giving the driest cars with the best shine of any product currently available


Concrete Industry

Astec has developed a complete system of products to clean and maintain concrete vehicles and handling equipment whether using the bucket and brush method or a wash type applicator. The first step in any process is  an easy application of our Super Non-Stick Coating to protect and make clean-up easier. From there a variety of products are available to meet your needs.
Asphalt Industry

We are the #1 supplier of products for the extraction testing of asphalt mixes.  In addition, we supply asphalt clean-up products and asphalt release coatings.  Click here for information on STA-OFF our new release agent for Polymer Mixes.
Citrus Based Cleaning

Astec offers the most extensive line of proven, citrus based cleaners available. From parts washing cleaners to hand cleaners, from asphalt testing solvent to room deodorizers, there's even a gel for efficient spot cleaning.
Other Products & Services
Astec Is very active in the private labeling, custom formulating, and custom blending markets.  Bring us your product requirements and we will match it, formulate it, manufacture it, and package it.
General Products
Astec manufacturers an extensive line of non industry specific cleaners.  They range from parts cleaners and metal brighteners to printing ink cleaners and silicone release agents

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