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has developed a complete system of products to clean and maintain all concrete vehicles and handling equipment - whether you are using the bucket and brush method or a wash system applicator.  These products were designed to be a total system of easy-to-use products that work together to clean, improve appearance, and protect metal or painted metal surfaces.  With proper use, long term benefits of extended equipment life, reduced maintenance costs, and like new appearance can be realized. Brief product descriptions follow:


Start your truck maintenance program with our SUPER NON-STICK COATING!:

This heavy duty, silicone-based release agent is designed to help keep cement and concrete from sticking on concrete vehicles and handling equipment.  It is longer lasting and more durable than acrylic-based coatings, easy to apply, and most importantly extends the life of painted and bare metal surfaces.  It is especially effective when used on new trucks/equipment or newly painted surfaces, because it dramatically reduces rust, corrosion and oxidation.  


Maintain your trucks & equipment with ASTEC’s FOAM APPLICATOR WASH SYSTEMS & PRODUCTS:

ASTEC has designed a complete foam applicator wash system for cleaning and maintaining ready mix trucks, cement tanker vehicles and/or concrete construction vehicles and handling equipment.  There is a system designed to meet the needs and requirements of each customer, and will result in both product cost savings and less wash maintenance time for personnel.

We start with a selection of wash system applicators - air or airless, mobile or stationery - each according to a customer’s situation and/or desires.  We use stationery or fixed-type applicators manufactured by Lafferty Equipment Mfg.  Each stationery unit (air or airless) comes complete with a 50’ hose assembly.  The mobile/handheld applicators are made by Hydro.  These units attach directly to any hose - they are especially handy for the ready mix truck driver - he/she can hook up the unit to the hose on their individual truck!

ASTEC has developed a specific line of products to be used in either foam wash system above - FOAM WASH 2000, FOAM WASH 2001, WASH & WAX 2000 and WASH & WAX 2001 - products for the new millennium, and beyond!

FOAM WASH 2000 & WASH & WAX 2000 are premium phosphoric acid-based foam washes designed to quickly dissolve and clean away light concrete, cement, and lime scale. 

FOAM WASH 2001 & WASH & WAX 2001 are non-hazardous acidic foam washes made from an organic salt developed to meet the ever changing environmental needs and requirements of the ready mix industry.

Each product has double inhibitors to protect the metal and painted metal surfaces of vehicles and equipment.  In addition, the WASH & WAX 2000 and WASH & WAX 2001 contain a light protective silicone that will stay on the surface after washing, thereby providing a layer of protection against rust, corrosion, and oxidation.  Additional wash products are optional (see below).  
WASH & WAX 2000   WASH & WAX 2001  FOAM WASH 2000  FOAM WASH 2001 -
  Power Crete 2000

Low Pressure Airless Foamer* (Call for pricing)

Requirements:  Water Pressure - 35 - 125 psi.  Unit comes complete with metering tip kit and a  50’ hose assembly.


LC Foamer* (Call for pricing)

Requirements:  Water Pressure - 35 - 100 psi - up to 3 GPM; Air pressure - 30 - 75 psi - up to 12 SCFM.  Unit comes complete with metering tip kit and 40’ hose assembly.


Drum Mount LC Foamer* (Call for pricing)

Requirements:  Water Pressure - 35 - 150 psi; Air Pressure 25 - 75 psi.  Unit comes complete with metering tip kit and 40’ hose assembly.


Handheld HydroFoamer**

Requirements:  Water hose.  Unit comes complete with 96 oz. container; spray gun w/quick disconnect assembly; and metering tip kit.

*Equipment manufactured by Lafferty Equipment Mfg., Inc.

**Foamer manufactured by Hydro Systems Company


Additional/Optional Foam Applicator Products:

TOUCHLESS MAGIC PLUS - A premium alkaline product which contains special agents to remove heavy soils, exhaust build-up, road film and other soils from vehicle surfaces without a great deal of scrubbing or brushing.  

SUPER CLEAN - A moderately alkaline product for routine washing of vehicles.  It will remove road dirt, grease, bugs, and light cement dust.  SUPER CLEAN is excellent as a second step after an acid product has been used, since it neutralizes any residual acid left on the vehicle and minimizes rusting on bare metal surfaces.  SUPER CLEAN is also the perfect economical product to use in either a foam application system or a pressure washer.  

SOAPMASTER II - This concentrated, high foaming, premium detergent is designed especially for hard water conditions.  

LEMON WAX - An ultra premium drying agent and sealer wax combination with a very pleasing orange/lemon aroma.   style="mso-bidi-font-weight:normal">


Maintain your fleet with ASTEC’s traditional, industry-proven BUCKET & BRUSH SYSTEM PRODUCTS:

POWER CRETE 100 - This twice inhibited acidic product removes most everyday concrete deposits.  It does not attack base metal, yet it quickly penetrates for fast removal of concrete.  It has excellent detergency and is free rinsing.  When diluted it is excellent for light duty cleaning.  

POWER CRETE 200 - This double strength version of POWER CRETE 100 removes even the heaviest buildup of concrete.  It should be diluted at least 1:1 before use.  

WASH & WAX 100 - This premium product has all the properties of the POWER CRETE 100, but it also leaves a water repellent, shiny, protective film on the surface that has been cleaned.  

METAL CLEAN 150 & METAL CLEAN 150 RTU (Ready-to-use) - This economical hydrofluoric acid-based product is designed to clean and brighten aluminum surfaces.  It is not for use on highly polished surfaces.  
Regular -

KLEER SHIELD - This spray on, scrub, and rinse off organic-acid based cleaner was developed specifically for the ready mix concrete truck.  It will remove cement scum and road dirt from windshields, mirrors, and aluminum rims, and then leaves a water repelling protective film.  This product contains no hazardous materials; therefore drivers can safely carry this product on their truck.  

ALUMBRITE - This organic acid-based cleaner is designed to be an alternative to using harsher acids on cleaning and brightening aluminum and metal.  


Miscellaneous Products:

EXCEL CLEAN HD - ASTEC’s signature product, EXCEL CLEAN HD is a heavy duty, biodegradable, non-hazardous citrus solvent designed to remove even the heaviest industrial soils - grease, oil, asphalt, etc.  It is an excellent solvent for parts washers because of its long life, water rinseability, cost effectiveness, and easy environmentally safe disposability.  


Miscellaneous Equipment Available:



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