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One of the bi-products of the citrus industry is D-Limonene which is a solvent type material extracted from orange peels.  It is an excellent solvent, itís readily biodegradable, it smells like fresh oranges, and it comes from a renewable resource.  It performs well in cleaners, and ASTEC manufactures many types of  cleaners that contain D-Limonene.  Some of the popular ones are:

RCHD (Real Citrus Heavy Duty) is one of the most versatile products made at ASTEC.  Used full strength it cleans up tar, chewing gum, heavy oil &  grease, silicones, paint brushes, and much more.  It can be diluted with water to any strength necessary for the job at hand.  RCHD also comes in a gel form which is great for cleaning vertical surfaces since it clings and doesnít run off.

EXCEL CLEAN HD is a 100% active  product that is water rinseable.  Itís major use is for asphalt testing and clean-up, however, it is an excellent solvent for parts washers.  It is long lasting and therefore very economical to use.  The cleaning solution can get very dirty, but after water rinsing the parts end up totally clean.

ORANGALL & ORANGALL II are non-water rinseable solvent cleaners.  They are excellent replacements for petroleum solvent and chlorinated solvent cleaners.

RUBAWAY is a waterless hand cleaner that is very effective on oil, grease, paint and most industrial soils.  It has a pleasant orange aroma, contains lanolin so itís easy on the hands. RUBAWAY can also be rinsed with water. It is available in 1 gallon containers packed 4 to a case, and handy 16oz squeeze bottles packed 10 to the case.

CITRUS PLUS  is an all purpose household product which  destroys odors, freshens the air, and cleans many spots and stains.  It is available in many sizes including an 8 ounce pump spray bottle packed 24 in a pop up display carton.  It is an excellent reseller.

Citrus Gel  is a highly thickened spot and stain remover.  Itís great for things like removing chewing gum or heavy tar or grease because it stays where you put it so that it can do itís job on the stain.  It is available in many sizes including a multi colored 16 ounce squeeze bottle packed 10 to a case.  It is an excellent reseller.





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