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BUGAWAY - A very effective presoak that facilitates the removal of dried on bug splatter.  This product is highly active and must be carefully controlled on hot, oxidized finishes to prevent streaking.

SAFE-PREP - A mild yet effective pre-spray for bugs, windshield, rocker panels, and all hard to clean areas.



WHEEL SAFE - an organic acid based cleaner that gets every last bit of brake dust. 

WHITE NOW PLUS - is the ultimate, non-caustic, all-purpose product.  It gives outstanding performance as a presoak, whitewall cleaner, or second step in a two step process.  It has excellent rinseability which results in very dry cars.  You will never burn a set of wheels with this product.

U-MIX - For those that prefer powders over liquid, this one has the best of both worlds.  You dissolve the powders, then add the highly active liquid detergent portion.  With U-MIX you get the economics of powders along with the performance of liquids.



TOUCHLESS MAGIC PLUS - is a premium alkaline presoak which contains special agents to break down road films and improve rinseability.  It can be used as a stand alone presoak, or as a second step in a two step process.


FIRST CHOICE - is a moderately alkaline product that is highly effective on oily, greasy films.  It can be used as a detergent, or as a stand alone presoak or as a second step in a two step process.

SUPER TOUCHLESS PLUS - A mildly alkaline product that eliminates the danger of streaking or burning a highly oxidized paint job.  It can be used as a prep, as a presoak, or as a second step in a two step process.



Mr. BUBBLES - A low ph , high foam product with a combination of detergents and other cleaning ingredients.  It not only cleans, but removes minor acid rain, and prepares the vehicle surfaces for very effective rinsing and drying.

SOAPMASTER PLUS - A neutral, high foam detergent with special cleaning additives that enhance cleaning performance and promote excellent rinseability.

SOAPMASTER - A neutral, high foam detergent with excellent hard water performance.



POLYKOTE - The ultimate foaming polish wax designed to leave a water beading, protective polymer film on all vehicle surfaces.  Available colorless and in non-staining red, gold, blue, green, and custom colors.

REFLECTIONS - A foaming, easily rinsed polish wax designed to improve drying efficiency, help water beading, reduce spotting and streaking, and protect a vehicle's surface.  Available colorless, and in red, gold, blue, green and custom colors.  This is the best product available when marginal rinsing is encountered.

CONDITIONER & BRIGHTENERS - Concentrated, high foaming, mildly acidic, and easy rinsing detergents designed especially for clear coat finishes and used prior to polish or sealer waxes.  They can be used in self-serve foam brushes and tunnel applications.  Available in red, gold, blue, green and custom colors.

LEMON WAX - An ultra premium drying agent and sealer wax combination with a very pleasing lemon/citrus aroma.



POSITIVELY DRY - It is probably the best drying agent on the market.  It deposits a slippery polymer film that allows for an easy spot free blow off.  The glass will act like it has been treated with Rain-X, and the finish will take on a new deep shine.  The coating builds with each application, therefore repeat customers will notice a significant improvement in their vehicle’s appearance and water beading properties.

DRYING AGENT PLUS - A premium drying agent and sealer wax combination that improves drying efficiency, helps water beading, reduces water spotting and streaking, and protects a vehicle's surface while leaving a shiny finish.

DRI RITE - An economical version of DRYING AGENT PLUS that retains excellent water beading properties.



RCHD-Citrus Cleaner - An all purpose product that is made from natural orange oils and smells like fresh oranges.  It can be used for whitewall touch-up, as a tar remover, for interior spot removing, and for general facility clean up and deodorizing.

NICE-N-BRITE Cleaner Concentrate - Dilute 15:1 to make an excellent streak free glass cleaner.

AIR FRESHENERS - Available in New Car, Cherry, Lemon, Pina Colada, Vanilla, Honeysuckle, Baby Powder, Strawberry, Jasmine, Fresh Up and Spicy Cinnamon.

Products for Cleaning Soap & Hard Water Scum from walls & equipment - METAL CLEAN 175 (fluoride based), WALL BRITE II (organic acid based), LIMELIFTER (phosphoric acid based), and WALL BRITE-ALKALINE.

SUPER NON-STICK COATING - A long lasting release coating that can be applied to clean, dry walls and equipment making future clean-ups easier & faster.  It also acts as an excellent corrosion preventative.


All ASTEC products are fully guaranteed to work as directed when used in accordance with label guidelines or as directed by your ASTEC representative.  As always, conditions such as soil, water hardness, application methods, cleaning time or dwell time and application temperatures vary from facility to facility.  These variances must be considered when determining the proper product and concentration to be used.




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